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13 April 2010 @ 07:55 pm
Community Rules  


1. You must be at least 13 years of age to join this community. This is a LiveJournal rule, and we honor it.

2. TyP LyKe DiS or generally be a prat, and you will be asked to leave. We’re grown ups here. Proper grammar is also a plus.

3. WARNGING. .Disorderly behaviour, disregarding the rules, spamming, continuous off-topic posts, or blatantly idiotic or frustrating behaviour to team members will get you removed from the community. You will not be warned again.

4. Participation is extremely important, there are alimited number of spaces on each team, and we want to have active members in the teams. If you are unable to participate in something at least once a week, we want to fill that spot with someone who will. Therefore we reserve the right to remove anyone who is inactive in the community. However we understand that sometimes life happens, if for any reason you will be on hiatus or unavailable to compete, but do not wish to be removed please contact us here. We wont remove you if it is less than 3 months, but if it is more, you will be removed but always welcome back when you are ready to comeback.

5. Although competition is encouraged, please do not BASH other teams. NEVER abuse a team member because they couldn't, or didn't participate in a certain activity. It's ok not to do everything. Inactive members will be removed by The Team Mods, team members don't need to worry about this.

6. Every Team will have one Mod, and then if needed a team captain/co-mod to help with team communities and activities.

7. No Bashing Characters in entries. Its ok if you discuss your dislikes of a character in your team communities, however in challenges or social gatherings in the main communities please refrain from doing so.

8. DO NOT post swear words in the main comm, just to keep this clean

9. READ THE RULES. no points will be allocated to people that do not read and follow the rules in a contest post. Please take the time to ask questions.

10. Do not spam our communities. Yes you are able to post. No we don’t want unnecessary posts, thanks. Don’t join just to pimp your icons or your comm. You can’t do that here.

11.To prove you have read the rules and understand them, please put your favorite  quote from a wb show as the password. [can not be the same as mine in the sample.]

12. Have fun and enjoy yourself. :D

(Screened comment)
Andymusicalpanties on April 29th, 2010 10:33 pm (UTC)
this thread will be deleted in a day, so please accept your invites immediately. :D

Your Team Roswell! an Invite for you to join wb_land  & team_roswell  will be sent shorty. Please accept your invitations over here. After you join, check out your community profile and take a look around! :D Have fun!
Tori Lovelostandalone22 on July 17th, 2010 12:48 am (UTC)
I'm currently on Team Charmed. I'm going to be starting college again in a little bit, and so I'm going to have to leave the comm. I wish I could stay, but I'm an English major and that sucks up all my time. If it's possible, I would like to join the community again next summer or over winter break. Again, I'm sorry for having to leave and really wish that I would be having more time.